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Human business is good business.

We support you to be brilliant and more human by nurturing the people that make up your business; from your clients to your teams, with the right technology supporting both.​

We collaborate with people and businesses who question traditional business practices; who want to bring humanity back into the world of work.


By working with what you already have, we can help grow your business from the inside-out. We support and enhance how you work; supporting you to become smarter, more resilient and effective.

Our principles drive us, they are:

  • Strong relationships

  • Collaboration over competition

  • Balance: making work, work for you

  • Being proactive and intentional

  • Sustainability and longevity

  • Individuality as an asset

  • Humanity in business

The basis of a great business is happy people, serving happy clients, with supportive technology.


Who we are and what we do

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Telephone: +44 7702 309 493

email: hello@brilliantandhuman.co.uk


Remeny Armitage

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I help companies improve their client retention by ensuring their clients are happy and loyal advocates.

I want people to develop great relationships with their clients. I   develop and run client retention systems that make clients feel appreciated, and give insights to improve businesses.

Ghilaine Chan

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I concentrate on how everyone works together, enabling people to play to their strengths, increasing productivity, engagement and dare I say, enjoyment.


I facilitate ownership and smooth communication. I generate sustainable and practical systems to improve your effectiveness and outcomes.


Ghilaine's User Manual

Mike Strange

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I collaborate with founders and small businesses to turn their ideas into products .  

When you want to do something new, there are always obstacles and constraints - but equally, there is always a way. 

Let’s work together to find it.



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