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client insight 

I help businesses to truly understand what their clients think of them by interviewing a business’s clients and feeding back ways they can improve the business, whilst looking for future opportunities and ways they engage with their customers in a more human way leading to more loyalty, retention and trust. I offer a range of different packages depending on your needs. 

client insight programme 

By undertaking a client insight programme you can:

  • Encourage better communication and conversations

  • Identify at risk clients and improve relationships with them

  • Develop new services and products

  • Improve marketing, positioning and tone of voice

  • Renew contracts/retainers/identify new projects

  • Increase the pipeline and grow revenue!

The programme in a nutshell:

  • We determine what you want to learn from your clients and tailor questions

  • Undertake impartial interviews with a range of clients

  • Feedback after each interview

  • Identify the big themes

  • Report with qualitative & quantitative recommendations

  • Act on feedback and make changes

  • Accountability review

  • Turn your clients into advocates

The client insight programme is designed to be flexible to meet your needs and requirements. If you'd like to discuss how I can help truly understand your clients while turn them into advocates in a more human way. Please get in touch.

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