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Uncovering opportunities - The Round Table

The successful growth of your agency's revenue can be driven by uncovering opportunities with existing clients. But knowing what your clients are thinking, where they might have challenges and unmet needs and how they perceive your agency is difficult to gauge sometimes. "We think they like us, but do we get to see all the work they commission? We don't know, if we're honest. And it feels difficult to ask. We don't want to bother or upset them."

Using client advocacy and feedback to identity opportunities to upsell (sell more of the same in higher values or more frequently to clients) and cross-sell (sell your other products and services to your clients) is a proven route to agency growth and deepening the relationship between your agency and your clients.

Come and join Paul Griffiths and me for our round table workshop where we will be sharing advice and insight about how to best uncover these hidden or unexplored opportunities. We will explore how you can do this effectively and what you and your teams can do to grow revenues as a result.

The event is ideal for agency owners / founders and directors who are keen to share their thoughts, frustrations and ideas on how to win grow revenues by uncovering opportunities with existing clients - and willing to get involved in the discussion during this interactive session.

We look forward to seeing you then for a fun and informative session!


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