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A new revenue stream and profits of 40%

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Situation: A marketing agency wanted to nurture client relationships and improve.

Result: As a result of ongoing client care interviews, they were able to address issues such as communication and processes, whilst improving their team and services overall. In addition, the clients were asking for more strategic led work, which enabled them to develop a new service, resulting in a revenue stream gaining a 40% profit within 12 months.

Improved positioning & increased pricing 

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Situation: A digital agency was struggling to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Result: After interviewing their clients, the feedback enabled them to not only identify what was special about them, which helped them with their positioning, tone-of-voice and marketing; but they were also able to offer a new paid for service that promises to take their business to the next level; and they were able to increase their prices.

Happy teams, customers and more revenue

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Situation: A client was losing customers and staff but they didn’t know why.

Result: After interviewing both the customers and the teams, it became clear that the staff were overworked, so they weren’t responding to their customers and delivering on the required work. After addressing this, they bought on a new team member to support the smaller, multiple customer requirements which improved team morale, client relationships and ensured a higher revenue.

Dramatic improvement to client satisfaction

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Situation: A global L&D business were rapidly losing clients worth millions of pounds.

Result: Our client was over-promising and under-delivering resulting in a lack of client trust. We helped them turn their average customer satisfaction score improve from 22% to 74% in 4 months by speaking to and listening to their clients to get honest feedback and their suggestions for improvement. 

Highlighting business issues

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Situation: A business wanted help with their marketing, and wanted to get client insight… They believed most their clients were happy and expected an 80-90% score across the board.

Result: After receiving an average 62% score – They realised there were issues that needed to be resolved within the business, attitudes that needed to be improved and they were able to put processes into place that put the client relationship first; which in turn saved them from a number of client losses.  

Renewal of retainers and lots of new work

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Situation: An agency with a variety of different retainer clients struggled to get their clients to renew.

Result: During various interviews 6 months prior to the retainers being up for renewal - issues were identified and opportunities spotted. All issues were rectified and relationships were proactively improved. This meant that the retainers & projects worth an average of £350k p/a were successfully renewed and new projects were identified.

For every client I work with I'm always fascinated and excited by the results... each client is different but one thing they all have in common is that when interviewing the end clients, whether happy, unengaged or unhappy - the message from each is often similar... and clear themes start to emerge for my clients showing how they could develop, improve or enhance their services/products/marketing or business as a whole.

Below are a selection of stories that have resulted from interviewing clients.

client stories

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