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Mike Octigan, Co-Founder, Gecko Agency

"“Brilliant and Human is such an apt name for Remeny's business. We wanted to understand what our customers valued in our relationship and gain insight into their challenges. The insights we gained, were invaluable. So, if you want to level up your customer comms and gain clarity on what matters most to them. I couldn't recommend Remeny highly enough.”

Miriam Rich, Director, Rich Communications

"Remeny is a real 'find', someone who will inevitably add value to your business because she is insightful, intelligent, a fabulous listener and results-driven. She helped me with my positioning to gain a deeper understanding about how clients perceive what I do. Remeny is just great to work with: she really knows her stuff and you realise very quickly that you are in safe and caring hands."

Ceri-Jane Hackling, MD, Cerub PR

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Remeny. She's passionate about helping her clients and really cares about helping you improve your processes to ensure you have happy customers and a growing business. As a third party, she can get the answers you need to improve and always delivers feedback in a sensitive and thoughtful way."

John Onion, Founder & MD, upriseUP
John O.png

“Remeny helped to transform our sales and marketing. During the first financial year alone, our revenue grew by over 40%. The biggest impact was the client care calls, where Remeny spoke to our clients independently and really find out how happy we are making them, or how we can improve. We have been able to improve our service considerably as a result.”

Alan Wick, Business Coach, Alan Wick Associates

"Remeny worked alongside me as a key member of the team for over two years. She understands me and my business goals completely, enabling me to build my profile and increase my revenues. As part of her client advocacy work, she interviewed my clients, which produced incredibly valuable insights for my business. I trust her implicitly; everything she does, she does as if it's her own business. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Mike Barrett, Founder & MD, Compound Partners
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"We worked with Brilliant and Human to review our client base as part of a re-branding process.  Remeny led us through the process quickly and patiently as we were keen to accelerate the process to get immediate feedback.  The output exceeded our expectations and has helped us re-connect with long standing clients, understand our strengths and weaknesses and provided a wealth of testimonials for our marketing project."

I truly love what I do, and one of the best things about my what I do, is working with lovely people and developing human and real relationships with my clients, who have given me their own wonderful feedback!

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