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I shouldn't be here

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

I shouldn't be here... but I am thanks to a very good, but unpopular choice by my mother, who is holding me in this photo at a day old...

On Friday, I turn 50... so I've been reflecting... not least because I was sharing my story with the 6 Star Business Leaders Lounge this morning... The title of my talk was "The Power of Choice"... And I started by telling the story of my birth and the difficult choice my 21 year old mother made despite disapproval from all angles.

My childhood was filled with love and security from then on despite a different upbringing with few choices on my part - including moving back and forth from the UK to America - and going to 16 different schools. My education and my survival was making friends and building relationships.... which of course is core to what I do in my career.

Since taking control of my life - the choices I've made have led me to build a family and friends and of course my business - Brilliant and Human - and thanks to the values I've been bought up with, I've developed strong values of my own (which are humanity, honesty and courage)...

And with these values, the amazing people around me - I choose to write my own story and make choices for good - with the hope I help bring more humanity, care, empathy and love in business... and beyond....

I may not be here for the next 50 years but I certainly look forward to seeing what I can achieve thanks to the choices I've made and by those I care about.

"Have you made any difficult and unpopular decisions in your life that are true to your values, but have ensured you are writing your story for the better?" This was the question I asked today of the audience and I'd be curious to hear your thoughts too!

Thank you to Aveline Clarke for allowing me to share today. And thanks to the wonderful community you've built for listening.


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