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Launching our book: on a Friday.

Updated: May 17, 2022

So happy to announce our book "On a Friday" by my Like Hearted Leaders community run by Claire Perry-Louise 🤝 Community Architect. Our book is a handbook for purpose-driven leaders.

It's a beautiful book - a cross between a business book and a coffee table book - filled with stories and advice for better business, life and humanity by 27 different authors, designed by the amazing akkie bosje.

My chapter is called The Listening Leader... All about the importance of proactively listening to the people in business and beyond.

The launch was split between London and Wales, where the main launch happened at The Mavericks and Makers event run by David Hieatt who wrote the foreword of the book!

Such a happy and exciting start to May after a pretty miserable covid filled April!

ps if interested in the Like Hearted Leaders and our book (and how to get a copy of the limited edition first edition - a 2nd run will follow), the link is in the comments.


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