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The Round Table - Get referrals from your clients - 8th February

Updated: Jan 12

If you would like to focus more on your client relationships and how to get more referrals from your clients, please sign up early for our next round table on February 8th with Paul Griffiths and Dave Plunkett.

If you have done brilliant work then no doubt your clients love you!

And I'm sure the bulk of your work comes from referrals...

But sometimes it's hard to ask for referrals...

Do you have a referral strategy in place? Do you proactively ask for referrals or does the idea fill you with dread?

If you'd like to get more ideas and insight into how to get more from your clients and get more referrals, join me on the 8th February for a round table hosted by me and Paul Griffiths of Client Advocates. We will be joined by Dave Plunkett of Collaboration Junkie - an expert in helping businesses get more referrals from their clients.

Please feel free to sign up below and invite your colleagues.

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